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Managing the interior space of a building is critical to the well-being of the occupants, whether it is a home, institutional, commercial, municipal or industrial space. Mold spores occur naturally in the outdoor air and easily find a pathway to migrate inside, but moisture is required for growth.  Water damage (such as excess humidity, water intrusion, leaks, floods, ice dams, fire, etc.) is the leading cause of mold growth on interior building surfaces, especially in New England where attic and basement temperatures vary widely throughout the year. Mold growth and moisture will degrade interior building surfaces over time and could be detrimental to the occupants. Mold particles whether alive, dormant or dead impact the indoor air quality (IAQ), the health of occupants and can spread to other areas. There are no magic bullets, sprays or fogs; it is crucial to hire a professional remediation firm that follows proper mold remediation protocols.SMS maintains industry-recognized, highly-coveted certifications and follows best industry and safety practices to remediate mold from interior spaces for the last 30 years. It is important to note that remediation involving only sprays, foggers, etc. to “kill” mold is not recognized as a best industry practice, because the neither the mold nor the chemicals have been removed from the environment.Mold found during a home inspection could derail your real estate transaction or delay closings. SMS works closely with real estate agents, buyers and sellers by responding quickly with reasonable quotes, solid remediation protocols and proper closing documents to keep the sale moving forward.  We work with all homeowners to calm fears, determine the extent of the problem, ensure a quick, thorough and safe remediation and restoration of your home.Moldy odors or visible mold growth can upset workers and affect productivity. Mold in a school can disrupt day to day activities and lead to absenteeism. SMS works directly with facility managers/owners to calm fears, minimize disruption to their operations and tenants/occupants while safely, efficiently and discreetly remediating the problem.

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