Residential & Commercial Services

Residential & Commercial Services

Mold Remediation: Managing the interior space of a building is critical to the well-being of the occupants, whether it is a home, institutional, commercial, municipal or industrial space. Water damage (such as excess humidity, water intrusion, leaks, floods, ice dams, fire, etc.) is the leading cause of mold growth on interior building surfaces. Here in New England, mold growth in attics is very common. Mold spores occur naturally in the outdoor air and will find a path inside.  If mold growth occurs on interior building surfaces, it can be detrimental to the occupants and points to an interior moisture problem. Mold particles, whether alive, dormant or dead impact the indoor air quality (IAQ), the health of occupants and can spread to other areas. It is crucial to hire a professional remediation firm that follows proper remediation protocols.

SMS has maintained industry recognized certifications and follows best industry and safety practices for the remediation of mold from interior spaces for the last 30 years. It is important to note that remediation involving only sprays, foggers, etc to “kill” mold is not recognized as a best industry practice, because the mold hasn't been removed from the environment.

The presence of mold can derail a real estate transaction or delay closings. It can upset workers and affect productivity. Mold in a school can disrupt day to day activities and lead to absenteeism. SMS has worked closely with real estate agents, buyers and sellers by responding quickly with reasonable quotes, solid remediation efforts and proper closing documents to keep the sale moving forward. SMS works directly with facility managers to minimize disruption to their operations and tenants while safely and efficiently remediating the problem.

Rodent Feces Removal : Mice and other pests are often unwanted visitors to New England homes and facilities, often nesting in insulation.  Pest droppings are a biohazard and should be removed in a manner that does not spread the contamination to other areas, or endanger the occupants and workers.  SMS will effectively remove mouse/pest feces and urine from interior spaces following best industry cleaning practices.  The methods for removal of biohazards is similar to mold remediation.  

HVAC Cleaning/Repair & Air Duct Cleaning: SMS cleans the surfaces of ductwork, louvers, registers, heating and cooling coils and component parts to the air-handler systems in accordance with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) guidelines in homes and facilities.  SMS is a 19-year recipient of NADCA's safety award and maintains all certifications.  We also safely remove old and failing insulation

All air duct systems and components wear over time; duct leakage can decrease efficiency; drain pans can corrode and leak; duct insulation can fragment into the air stream impacting the IAQ; mold can grow anywhere inside the system when moisture is present.  SMS offers services such as leakage testing, duct sealing, coating and drain pan restoration to increase the life expectancy of all your equipment, improve energy efficiency and save money.  We are a HardCast Authorized Applicator.

Water Damage Restoration: Water damage and mold growth can happen immediately after an event or over time.  SMS will be there to remediate damaged or mold-impacted building materials.  

Assessments: With over 25 years of experience, SMS managers holding Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant certifications and can perform visual and infra-red inspection of building surfaces and a variety of mold sampling identifications.  

Commercial Services

Filter Inventory & Replacement: Managing all filters in your facility can be a daunting task, including finding storage for the variety of filters needed.  SMS will conduct a filter inventory, manage the inventory and schedule filter changes according to manufacturers recommendations.  SMS provides bag-in/bag-out filter services for bag and other large filtration devices in healthcare and industrial applications.  All services are performed following industry protocols for safety and risk minimization.

Specialty Cleaning: When your facility and equipment need to be cleaned, but you are concerned about of cross-contamination,  disruption of operations and occupant complaints, SMS provides controlled cleaning services to exceed your expectations.  We have been cleaning industrial surfaces, ships, tanks, manufacturing process lines, etc since 1989. 

Smoke & Fire Damper Inspections: SMS will inspect and clean fire/smoke dampers, check closure springs and fusible links (repair as needed) and create an inspection report.  NADCA protocols are followed.

Lab & Clean Room Hood & Other Specialty Cleaning:  SMS inspects and cleans any lab or clean room hood according to proper protocols.

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