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—— Question 11: Does the Air Duct Have to be Cleaned After Buying a House? ——

After several inspections of the area, many people thought that they had covered all the areas. They contacted their lawyers and real estate agents and finally purchased their dream houses. It’s time for them to start a family and have their own ideas on their walls and rooms after renting for many years.

However, as time goes on, issues and problems start to come at the new homeowners and they have no idea what to do when there is no landlord. No one is there to shovel your snow, rake your leaves and fix the leaking shower. One service that many people have failed to hire is air duct cleaning.

I would say air duct cleaning is not a service that is required for everybody. However, over 50 million people in the United States suffer from allergies or illnesses caused by dust, debris, pollen. Allergies are also increasing as 30 % of adults and 40 % of children are affected by it. The factors that cause allergies are also easily be stuck in the air duct. In fact, many new homeowners would start coughing and sneezing after they moved into the new house within 1-2 weeks.

It is not rocket science or expensive to clean your air duct for your new home. Nothing is more important than your health. After cleaning the air duct, the air in the house seems fresher and people are no longer suffering from allergies caused by the pollen and dust clogged in the air duct.

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Finally, let's look at how proper, professional mold removal solves the problem.
SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning, Inc., is a Mold Remediation Company that specializes in the Identification and Elimination of Microbial Contamination. Our Indoor Environmental Cleaning Services include: Mold Remediation, Water & Flood Damage Restoration, Air Duct & HVAC Systems, Dryer Vents, Industrial Facilities & Manufacturing Equipment, and Home Decontamination & Clean-Down. To learn more about how we can help you solve your mold problems, call Steve Timpany at 800-845-3022 or email at

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