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—— Question 7: What are some effects of water damage to my home? ——

Every homeowner’s fear is having to deal with water damage especially if your home is at low elevation. Water damage usually occurs when it rains heavily or snow melts quickly after a snow storm, and it can cause thousands of dollars in damages.  One of the first concerns from water damage is that it can increase the risk of mold growth around the surrounding area, which can make restoration more expensive. A quick response will ensure the minimal amount of damage to your home.

Water can be absorbed by your walls or your ceiling which can raise concern for your health and can have serious repercussions if overlooked. The moisture from the water damage is the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria to grow and infect the surrounding area. Water damage doesn’t only affect the structure of your home but the quality of air. Most homeowners don’t realize that the stagnant air and constant humidity from the water can have long-term health issues to the residents of the home. The exposure to these bacterias can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms, and can be worse for children and adults with weak immune systems. Extended exposure could increase the risk of respiratory diseases and cause you get sick unexpectedly.  Ensuring the quality of your structure and air in a home is fully cleaned and restored after water damages your home, is our main priority.

Our Indoor Environmental Cleaning Services include: Mold Remediation, Water & Flood Damage Restoration, Air Duct & HVAC Systems, Dryer Vents, Industrial Facilities & Manufacturing Equipment, and Home Decontamination & Clean-Down. To learn more about how we can help you solve your mold problems, call Steve Timpany at 800-845-3022 or email at


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