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—— Is Your Mold Problem The Result Of Contaminated Building Material? ——
by Steve Timpany, ASCS, CRMI, CMRS

"Contaminated 48” Wood Lath - I snapped this shot at my local Home Depot on June 4! I’m going to assume that they
  intended to get rid of it; however, while what is seen here is CLEARLY contaminated, some of it MOST LIKELY found
  its way into the walls of unsuspecting homeowners! This is because mold spores lie dormant until activated by moisture.
  Now that the humid weather is here, mold is making its presence known in a big way! If you have concerns about possible
  contaminated building materials in yourproperty, call us NOW and schedule a thorough inspection!"

At SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning, Inc., we want to make sure both Real Estate Agents and property owners are up-to-date on information, regulations, and possible issues regarding the sale of contaminated building products that could find their way into the structures of properties in the New England area. Let’s be clear: It IS possible that the building materials used for renovation, remediation, repairs, or remodeling were contaminated prior to being installed, leaving the property owner open to health problems, costly removal and replacement, and possible law suits. The only way for property owners to be sure they are covered from future problems regarding the use of contaminated building materials is to HIRE THE RIGHT REMEDIATION / CONTRACTING COMPANY IN THE FIRST PLACE! This is no joke!
SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning, Inc., maintains the highest standards throughout every aspect of the remediation and restoration projects we do. We are certified by both the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). This also includes strict adherence to all safety standards, comprehensive knowledge of EPA rules and regulations, materials inspection and testing, EPA approved fungicides and inhibitors, written guarantees to our clients, and appropriate insurance to protect the property owner from any future problems. 

How Pervasive Is The Use Of Contaminated Building Materials?

Contaminated Drywall From China: During the housing boom (roughly between 2001 and 2007), demand for new homes and home repairs reached such proportions that US manufactured drywall could not keep up with the demand, or compete with the cheap pricing coming from imports of Chinese drywall companies. Best estimates for use of Chinese drywall in the U.S. housing market are around 100,000 homes nationwide.

Contaminated Chinese drywall is now known to be the cause of substantial health risks and actual home deterioration. Known issues include (1.) The presence of a sickening sulfur-like or other unusual odor; (2.) Noticeable copper corrosion, indicated by a black, sooty coating; (3.) Premature corrosion of other metals in the house (such as the HVAC system); (4.) Premature crumbling of drywall; and (5.) The growth and spread of molds and other microbes, through out the property.

Exposed contaminated building material with mold growth.

Contaminated Chinese drywall is currently costing consumers millions of dollars in expensive remediation. Contaminated Chinese drywall has been found to be a NATIONWIDE problem, with heavy concentrations in the coastal regions of the Gulf States. This may be because these states have higher than average temperature and humidity levels, which contribute to the rapid deterioration and corrosion phenomenon. We also know that these areas had a heavy concentration of new building and restoration at that time.

Because of the seriousness of this problem, all drywall from China has been temporarily banned. This however, DOES NOT stop contaminated Chinese drywall from entering the US through imports from other countries, reselling Chinese building products. It also does not stop other contaminated building products from being used on YOUR PROPERTY unbeknownst to you until it is too late (as shown in our actual mold damaged lath image above)!

What Should You Do If You Suspect Or See Mold in Your Home Or Property?

1. If there is a visible water source (such as a leaky pipe), stop it from adding any more moisture into the area.
2. Contact and hire ONLY a Certified, Licensed, and Insured Mold Inspector such as Steve Timpany with SMS
    Indoor Environmental Cleaning, Inc.
3. SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning, Inc., will come out and perform a thorough inspection, show you their
    findings, and send off samples of any molds and microbes they find for a lab to determine exactly what microbes
    are contaminating your indoor environment.
4. SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning, Inc., will provide you with their findings and propose the best and safest
    solutions to clean up the contaminated area.
Caution: Do not attempt to expose or clean up any contaminated areas on your own. Doing so could prove
hazardous to your health and the health of others by spreading mold spores and other bacteria throughout the
indoor environment!

If you or your clients have any concerns regarding the possible contamination of building materials in your property, please contact SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning, Inc., for a Mold Inspection. We can identify any contaminants and let you know your options before it affects your health or the value of your property. Mold is a serious and dangerous health hazard that must be removed properly by certified specialists. SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning, Inc., meets all Federal, State, and Trade Licensing and Certification requirements. We are well known throughout the industry for our excellent safety record, fast response time, effective and correct removal of all mold, and providing a written guarantee.

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