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New EPA Regulations Now Require
Lead-Safe Work Practice Certification for All Contractors

As of April 22, 2010, all contractors performing any type of renovation work in homes built prior to 1978 must follow the EPA Lead-Safe Work Practice Regulation. To ensure compliance, contractors must complete a special EPA safety training course and follow strict lead-safety practices for certification. Only certified contractors are EPA approved to work on these homes. In April 2008, the EPA first issued this regulation, however, they included an opt-out provision that allowed homeowners to opt-out and not use a certified lead-safe work practices contractor. The new ruling removes the opt-out clause and requires all contractors to be certified.

The ruling has come as a result of evidence linking exposure to lead paint, disturbed during home repairs, to a multitude of health hazards including lower intelligence, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and harmful health effects. While children and elderly are most at risk, problems have been noted in residents and visitors of homes with lead paint regardless of age.

SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning, Inc., is a full participant with the EPA in this very important health and safety matter. Clients of SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning can be assured that all remedial work undertaken meets with the EPA Lead-Safe Work Practices Regulations.  

For more information on this EPA ruling, click here to visit the EPA website page. To understand how this effects remediation work at your specific property, contact Steve Timpany, at SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning.

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