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—— Question 9: Can I Remove The Mold Myself? ——

 For the same reason, you wouldn’t bring your car to a shop with an inexperienced mechanic is the same reason why you should not remove mold from your home by yourself.  For people who work in trade, it has taken many years to gain the skills and knowledge of our service. Even if you consider money as a factor, consider this, if you do not properly remove the mold in your home, you could end up spending more in the end.

Risks of DIY Mold Removal

You may be regarded as a handy man in your house, but mold removal is not like replacing a light bulb or fixing a shelf, there are risks to your health and home if not remove properly. When you hire a professional, you get the comfort of having an expert who knows the different types of mold their different characteristics that each hold.  It is imperative that you can identify specific types of mold because some mold are toxic, and some can spread throughout your home and cause serious health consequence if dealt with incorrectly.

Mold is a bacteria that can spread quickly through home simply through the air, and if not dealt with correctly you can find that your small issue can spread throughout your home. Most homeowners will try to use vacuums and brushes to remove mold, but that can just lead to mold spreading through the air and eventually your ventilation system.

When handling mold, it is extremely important that you use the right protective gear at all times. Our mold removal specialists often wear full protective suits just ensure the safety of their health. Often time homeowners believe that they will be fine dealing with mold removal but in reality, they are susceptible to dangerous bacteria and endangering their health.

Form mold removal directly effecting your health to not being removed properly, the long-term effects outweighs the saving that you can have by doing it yourself. For more information about mold removal, please feel free to reach out us at SMS Indoor Environmental Cleaning

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