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—— Question 3: Aspergillus: Friend or Foe? ——

That all depends on which of the 200 species we are talking about. For example, Aspergillus Fumigatus is the most common species that causes infection. People who handle contaminated material (including compost piles and other gardening arenas) often develop hypersensitivity to the spores and may suffer severe allergic reactions upon exposure.Aspergillus Flavus is the second most common infectious species. It is also known to produce the mycotoxin aflatoxin, one of the most potent carcinogens known to man. Ingesting contaminated food substances (such as grains) can be fatal. Most countries have established levels for aflatoxin in food. However, the risks associated with airborne exposure are not adequately studied, and no exposure standards exist at this time. Aspergillus Niger (color rapidly turns black) can cause a “fungal ball”, which actively grows in the human lung. Aspergillus Glaucus is used in the aging and fermentation process for beer, wine, vinegar, and cheeses. Blue cheese is a name given to the blue-green color of this mold at work. Individuals with Aspergillus sensitivity may become sick from ingesting aged and fermented substances and should consult their doctor in regards to diet and allergies. Both Aspergillus Flavis and Aspergillus Parasiticus have been identified as chemical agents used for chemical warfare in Iraq. If you or a member of your family has been diagnosed with a sensitivity to the Aspergillus mold, get your home inspected ASAP! You need to make sure this mold is not in your indoor environment and if it is, you need to have it safely, and permanently removed immediately.


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