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—— Question 8: When should Duct Cleaning be Performed? ——

One of the biggest issues that homeowner have is when should they have their air duct cleaned. The first thing to note is that the condition in each home is different, so it is hard to find out if an air ducting in your home would be beneficial.

On the first signs that you will physical notice is the random itchiness of the eyes or throat, or unexplained heighten allergies. At the first sign of any of these symptoms you should have your air ducts cleaned

An easy way to check if your air ducts have to be cleaned is by using a vacuum cleaner hose into the duct and if a thick coat of dust and a long trail of junk, it is time to clean your air ducts.

Your air duct gets fill with debris and dust because air circulates about five to seven times per day. Most furnaces will have filters installed to catch most of the debris, but even if the filter there can still be a buildup of dust in your air duct that will eventually ruin the efficiency of your system.


Signs to look for:

  • Animal droppings or dead bugs inside of the air duct system
  • Clogs of dust and debris
  • Mold on the inside surface of ducts


Every homeowner should know that having a clean air duct can save you a significant amount of money by having a more efficient system running. There is also the benefit of your current air duct, to be less likely to break down.

Contact SMS Indoor Environmental Services for a thorough cleaning of your air ducts to ensure the safety of your home and family as well as the efficiently of your system.  



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